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Complete denture against removable partial denture

Implant supported complete denture solutions

Individual single removable prosthesis

Characterised complete dental prosthetics

Cobalt Chrome partial denture

Combination technique partial with slide attachments

Removable Titanium partial dentures with acrylic teeth

Stress equalisation or stress breaker RPD (Articulated Prosthesis)

 Michael Standish Dental Laboratory was established in 1986 by Michael Standish.

 Michael Standish graduated 1981 from MLTC, where  he completed advance courses in removable complete  and partial prosthetics and orthodontics. Mr.Standish  has been operating a full-service dental laboratory in  Perth’s western suburbs for the past 30 years. He has  lectured throughout Southeast Asia, North America,  New Zealand, and Australia on advanced model cast  techniques for CoCr (Cobalt Chrome), titanium, dental  laser installations and welding procedures.

Mr. Standish has a close affiliation with the Brånemark Center, participating in the pre-release of new techniques in all aspects of implant technology. Having worked in the field for over 30 years, Michael Standish is one of the Perth’s most experienced dental technicians.

We provide the following services

Partial Denture Prosthetics

Complete Denture Prosthetics

Implant Prosthetics

Nobel Procera Implant bar overdenture, Fixed- Removable solution

Superstructure on Locator abutments

Complete titanium occlusion solution

Copy-Mill Titanium framework with acrylic teeth

Michael Standish Dental Laboratory

Dr. Glen Liddelow, Dr. Brent Allan, Mr. Michael Standish, Dr. Patrick Henry, Perth 2012

We also offer a photographic service for patient education, documentation and to improve the results and communication between the laboratory and the clinician.

Enjoy the gallery of our work at Michael Standish Dental Laboratory

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